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Express Car Transport is dedicated to providing reliable vehicle transport services from Brisbane to Townsville. We have been in this business for years now and have got all that it takes to move vehicles safely from one state to another. Our experience and expertise make us the no 1 choice of many.

Clients may want to move vehicles interstate for various reasons like shifting home, holidaying, etc. For whatever reason you want to move your vehicle interstate, we can help!

Express Car Transport offers customized car transport services with flexible pricing based on your preferences. The cost of transporting your car depends on the service you choose, car carrier type, and priority service needs. Our rates start at $0.40 per kilometer for transporting a car from Brisbane To Townsville. For an accurate cost estimate, fill out our quote form.

Express Car Transport undertakes the responsibility of moving all types of vehicles. Feel free to speak to our experts and enquire about the vehicle transport services we offer.

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What Can I Move with Express Car Transport?

Express Car Transport help you to find reliable vehicle transport services for all you needs. Whether you need one car transported or six, a motorcycle, caravan or even a boat, we can help you find the right people for the job.

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Brisbane to Townsville Vehicle Transport Quotes

Transporting a vehicle from Brisbane to Townsville can be pretty stressful. This 15 hours drive can take a toll on you and your bank balance. So, what will you do? The best way to save fuel money and additional wear-and-tear is by taking the help of the experts.

This is where we, Express Car Transport, will come into play as we will make everything easier and stress-free by helping you transport your vehicle from Brisbane to Townsville. We are one of the well-known and trustworthy transport companies in the country.

Our professional transit services are much-acclaimed as we provide both door-to-door and depot-to-depot transportation services. With our fleet of licensed, insured, and confident drivers – we offer our customers a premium vehicle to transport Brisbane to Townsville services.

h2>Our Services

You may count on us for the following services:

Caravan Transport Brisbane to Townsville

Moving a caravan is pretty tough as they are heavy, and you don’t want to look at them sitting ideally in your garage. Hence, we offer our customers top-notch caravan transport from Brisbane to Townsville service.

Whether you are interacting with us for the first time or have used our services before, we will ensure that you get top-dollar transportation services every time.

Our team of experts will make sure that you enjoy a hassle-free vehicle transportation experience through constant status updates. Our rates are very competitive as compared to other transportation service providers in the country.

With our licensed drivers and careful workers, you can expect a safe, damage-free, and professional delivery of your caravan right at your door.

Trailer Transport Brisbane to Townsville

Are you looking for a trailer transportation service from Brisbane to Townsville? If so, then you have chosen the exemplary transportation service. We are more than capable enough to ensure your vehicle’s safe and secure delivery due to our experienced staff and modern equipment.

With expertise in transporting a cargo trailer, dump trailer, or even an equipment trailer – no wonder why we are the country’s first choice when it comes to vehicle transportation. Additionally, you will get all this at a very reasonable rate.

We can help you transport any type of trailer, be it full size, mini trailer, heavy-duty trailer, or others. We can handle trailer transport from Brisbane to Townsville services professionally and efficiently.

Car Transport Brisbane to Townsville

Transporting your car from Brisbane to Townsville is no walk in the park as you will have to drive a staggering 1340 km to reach your destination. Hence, the best way to get your car to Townsville is to take the help of a transportation company.

We can offer you easy and affordable car transport from Brisbane to Townsville service. Our drivers, as well as trucks, are licensed and insured. Moreover, our handlers are trained to handle cars with utmost care. So, if you want to transport your vehicle safely, contact us.

Motorhome Relocation Brisbane to Townsville

Motorhomes are one of the most useful vehicles for humankind as you can enjoy your home away from your home. However, transporting them from Brisbane to Townsville is one stressful task. So, the best bet for you is to leave this task in the experts’ hands.

Whether you are moving to Townsville or want to sell it to someone – we can help you with effective and affordable motorhome relocation Brisbane to Townsville services. Get our affordable transportation services to save money on gas.

Boat Relocation Brisbane to Townsville

When it comes to boat relocation, we are experts and can offer you the best transportation solution. We offer a complete boat relocation Brisbane to Townsville service to ensure the utmost safety of your boat.

We can also offer you jet ski transportation services as they can be easily damaged. So, instead of doing it by yourself, choose the professional to transport your watercraft.

Whether it is a boat or any other watercraft, you can rely on our experience. With the help of our professional staff, we will make sure that you receive a timely delivery.

Van Relocation Brisbane to Townsville

Stop the search for the best van relocation Brisbane to Townsville services because you have reached your destination. Our transportation services are best for people who do not want to waste money and time driving their van from Brisbane to 1335 kilometres away from Townsville.

We offer state-of-art depots and modern tools, one of the most reliable and affordable can transporter services. We can also help you transport passenger vans, cargo vans, and sprinter vans.

Interstate Car Transport Brisbane to Townsville

Interstate car Transport Brisbane to Townsville is one of the most acclaimed services of our company due to our affordable rates and reliable services. So, when you want to transport your car interstate, you know whom to contact.

With experienced staff, modern equipment, and affordable rates – we are Australia’s one of the most preferred transport providers.

Car Carriers Brisbane to Townsville

We are an established and trustworthy name in the vehicle transportation business. Our company is known to offer excellent and affordable car carriers from Brisbane to Townsville.

Whether you have a normal, classical, luxury, sports, or vintage car, you can always rely on us. Our careful and trained handlers will make sure that your vehicle doesn’t suffer any damage.

We have made a name for our uncompromising standards with our ability to provide professional and reliable car transport services. We have all the modern and cutting-edge tools to ensure your vehicle’s safe and easier transport process.

Why We Are The Best?

We are one of those vehicle transporters that take complete responsibility for moving your vehicles interstate safely. Our years of experience in the business makes us an expert, and this is why thousands of our clients come back to us for their vehicle transportation needs.

When you hire Express Car Transport for moving your vehicles interstate, you can expect:

High-Quality Service

We ensure to deliver quality services for any task we undertake. No matter what type of vehicle we are moving for you, we ensure to follow a smooth and convenient transportation procedure. We aim to keep our customers happy with our services, so they recommend us to others and come back to us in the future.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are priced reasonably, so transporting vehicles interstate isn’t heavy on your pocket. We make arrangements to move your vehicles in a cost-efficient manner always. You can discuss your needs with us and ask for a car transport quote from Brisbane to Townsville. Feel free to compare our prices to that of our competitors.

On-Time Pick-Up and Delivery

If you avail of door-to-door service, we will give you an estimated pick up and drop off time for your vehicle. We promise to collect and deliver your vehicles as per the commitment made. If there’s a delay in transportation due to unforeseen circumstances, we will keep you informed about the same.

Transportation Using Modern Car Carriers

Transporting vehicles interstate isn’t possible without the vehicle carriers. At Express Car Transport, we use a fleet of well-maintained vehicles carriers to carry out the transportation conveniently and quickly. Our vehicle carriers are spacious, modern and highly reliable.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the most important to us. This is why we are ready to answer all your queries. When you discuss your concerns with us, we promise to provide a satisfactory solution to make your experience with us worth remembering.

Brisbane To Townsville Transport – Get Free Quotes

You are just a phone call away from availing yourself of one of the best vehicle transportation services. Our experts will give you non-obligation vehicle transport quotes according to your requirements. Give us a call on 1300 388 353 or fill the Contact Us form to book one of the most reliable vehicle transportation services today!

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Frequently Asked Question?

Express Car Transport specialises in moving most vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, motorhomes, trailers, boats, etc. We know there are several types of cars, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, etc. So no matter what model or make your vehicle is; we can take care of its interstate transportation. We have the experience and expertise to make arrangements for moving most types of vehicles.
Yes. We have huge, spacious trailers that can easily carry your boat interstate. Apart from boats, we can move other types of vehicles using trailers as well. We choose the vehicle carrier for your car, boat, or caravan wisely to ensure safe and easy transport. We promise to move your vehicle interstate safely, and for this, we make the most appropriate arrangements.
Express Car Transport is an expert in moving all types of cars – whether mobile, immobile, new or used, registered or unregistered. If you are looking to relocate a vehicle that isn’t in working condition, you can speak to our team about your concern. We will make the required arrangements to transport your immobile car to the desired location conveniently.
Yes. When you make a booking with us, we will ask for the vehicle type, brand, model and size to ensure we make the proper arrangements for the transportation. We don’t deny transportation based on the vehicle size. So even if you own a huge SUV, we will move it as conveniently as any other small-sized car.
You may leave your baby seat in the car. However, for safety purposes, we recommend fixing the baby seat in your car. Leaving unfixed baby seats in the car may cause damage to its interior during transit. Hence, we recommend setting your baby seats before you bring the car to us to be safe.
When you bring your vehicles to us for transportation, we provide an estimated delivery time depending on the route. Please note that the delivery time provided is just an estimation and not a guaranteed time. However, we try our best to deliver your vehicles to you on time. However, unforeseen circumstances like heavy traffic may cause a delay in delivery.
Yes. Once you book our services, we provide an emergency contact and designated tracker system for you to check the location of your vehicle. If you have any queries or requests during the transit procedure, you may contact us at any time and discuss your concerns with us. We promise to help you in every possible way we can to make your experience convenient and memorable. Our team is available to assist with all your concerns throughout the transit procedure.