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When entrusting your vehicle to a transportation service, you seek assurance that it’s in safe hands. At Express Car Transport, we ensure your vehicle’s security and expert handling throughout its journey across Australia.

Choosing Express Car Transport guarantees you convenient and trustworthy service at competitive rates. Our seamless car carrying service navigates through a complex network of providers, ensuring your vehicle’s safe transit without complications.

We excel in local and interstate vehicle transit, offering fast, reliable, and professional transportation for cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, caravans, and more. Our tailored solutions cater to diverse business needs, regardless of the industry.

Equipped with the latest and well-maintained fleet of car carriers, we deliver the best service possible. Our experienced team handles your cargo with professionalism and care, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

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Interstate Car Carriers We Use

Car carriers are the mode of transportation for different vehicles that allow them to move quickly and safely from one place to another. Express Car Transport uses the best carrier for hauling vehicles securely across Australia. Following are the types of car hauliers we use depending on your car type, the number of cars to be carried, and the destination:

Single Car Haulers
We use single-car hauliers, also called a tow truck, when you want to transport your car to a short distance on a brief notice period. The small size of this carrier makes it convenient and suitable to navigate narrow roads and reach steep driveways. It can transport various types of cars, from race to exotic cars.

Enclosed Multilevel Carriers
If you are planning to sponsor a car event or are involved in the auctioning of unique cars and want to transport them to another location, you can rely on Express Car Transport for professional help. We use an enclosed multilevel carrier to haul your expensive cars anywhere in Australia. They provide complete protection against the outer elements.

Open Car Carriers
We use open car hauliers to move different types of cars, including classic to new cars, salvage cars, and project cars. It is one of the most affordable transport methods, consisting of a two-level truck with adjustable hydraulic ramps. It can hold up to 10 cars at a time.

Enclosed Trailers
An enclosed trailer provides the best option to move your high-value cars safely. It helps protect your vehicle from damage caused due to weather and other prying eyes during transit. Being lower to the ground than an open car haulier allows easy transportation of low-clearance automobiles like your race cars.

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Express Car Transport is your obvious choice if you want to move company cars, a private vehicle, government fleet, or collector cars and bikes. We will get all the haulers lined up to deliver your vehicles on time at an extremely competitive price. Contact us today to discuss your requirement and get a free quote from our expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can track your automobile while in transit. We will send you the tracking details on the confirmation of your booking with us.
You will have to provide us with the detail information regarding colour, model, VIN or rego (in case of unregistered cars), pick up and delivery date, contact number, contact name, and addresses. You can either make an online booking or contact our staff to arrange a booking for you.
Yes, we collect cars or other vehicles from auction houses. To avoid delay with the collection of cars, we will require you to help us with the following details:
  • Invoice/winning bid email
  • Copy of driver’s licence
  • Letter of authority to collect
You need to email us the documents in the form of a PDF attachment file.
Yes, you can change your pick up or drop off date even after the confirmation of your booking. You will have to notify us with sufficient time in hand. You need to email at our office regarding the changes, and we will manage the rest.
Yes, we transport your damaged cars. You will have to notify us about the extent of damage by sending pictures or any other means. It will help you to estimate the quote accordingly.
Yes, in case if you can’t arrive at the destination on time or you are selling the car, someone else can pick up your car. You will require to provide us with the contact number and the full name of the person you have nominated, as per the licence.