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Express Car Transport is a vehicle transport expert you can rely upon for moving your vehicles anywhere within the nation. We have trained drivers and vehicle transport experts dedicated to providing convenient and reliable services. We specialise in moving vehicles on all major routes, including Sydney to Darwin.

If you want to transport your car interstate, speak to our experts today!

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What Can I Move with Express Car Transport?

Vehicle Move was created to help you find reliable vehicle transport services for all you needs. Whether you need one car transported or six, a motorcycle, caravan or even a boat, we can help you find the right people for the job.

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Types Of Vehicles We Transport

We are experts in transporting various types of vehicles. Our services include:

Car Transport Sydney to Darwin

We are a renowned name in the vehicle transport business. Right from the start of our business, we have been dedicatedly providing car transport services to our clients. As a result, we have helped thousands of people move their cars from one state to the other. We can transport all types of cars interstate, including classic, prestige, muscle, sports, or luxury.

We know how big of a responsibility it is to transport vehicles. This is why we use only state-of-the-art, well-maintained car carriers for the transportation procedure. Furthermore, we ensure to pick the suitable vehicle carrier for your car to reach its destination safely.

Caravan and Trailer Transport Service

We undertake the transportation of caravans and trailers too. So speak to us about your caravan or trailer transportation needs, and we will suggest the most appropriate ways to move it quickly!

As a leading vehicle transport company, we have a range of selected depots in various states of Australia. These depots make it easy for us to provide depot-to-depot service to our clients. We allow our customers to choose the depots they want to leave and collect their vehicles from.

For customers who are short of time, we provide door-to-door service. In this case, we collect your caravans and trailers from your doorstep and deliver them to your new address in another state. We make use of well-maintained vehicle carriers to move your caravans and trailers safely.

Truck, Motorhome and Van Transport Service

Our team of professional drivers and logistical experts can move trucks, motorhomes, and vans interstate too. From light trucks to heavy ones, commercial and private, we undertake the transportation of all makes and models.

When you tell us about your truck transport needs, we aim at providing customised solutions for the same. Thus, we prepare a transportation plan that is ideal for moving your vehicle safely without any hassle.

Please speak to our experts to get a customised transportation plan designed for your truck, motorhome, or van.

Boat Transport Service

We are the experts in offering interstate boat transport service as well. We can transport all types of boats from one state to another, including your motorboats, yachts, skiffs, sailboats, trailer boats, jet skis, prestige boats, and classic timber boats.

Since all boats differ in shape and size, we choose a suitable carrier for your boat. With our arrangements, your boat is sure to reach its destination safely.

What Makes Us Different?

Express Car Transport is the vehicle transport expert you can trust. With our experience and expertise, we ensure to move all vehicles safely to the desired location. We put in our 100% to offer quality services and make our clients happy. We promise to provide a convenient and hassle-free vehicle transport experience.

When you hire us for moving your vehicle, you may expect the following:

Quality Service At Competitive Pricing

We offer services at competitive pricing!

Once you discuss your vehicle transport needs with us, we will prepare the most appropriate transport plan. Our plans are designed such that your vehicles reach their destination safely, on time, and at a reasonable cost. As a result, when moving your vehicles with us, you don’t have to worry about spending too much beyond your budget.

Safe Transfers

We prioritise the safety of your vehicles!

We know how much you love your vehicles, and this is why we take good care of them during transit. We ensure to deliver them to you in the same condition as they were when you left them with us. Our aim isn’t just to move your vehicles quickly but also to keep them safe during transit.

Accurate Estimate Of Delivery Time

We know the value of time!

Depending on the distance to which your vehicle needs to be transported, we offer an estimated delivery time. We then make arrangements to ensure your vehicle reaches you as per the estimated time. In most cases, we manage to deliver the vehicles to the clients as per the estimated time and data. However, in rare cases, there’s a delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

Quick Query Resolution

We are always available to answer your queries!

We want to provide complete customer satisfaction. Hence, we put in our 100% to offer services that make you happy. We understand you may have any queries regarding the transit procedure. Hence, we have put a team of experts to work and ensure all your doubts are questions are taken care of.

Sydney to Darwin Transport – Get Free Quotes

If you want more information on our services, you can speak to our team. We promise to provide detailed information on all our services and keep the process as transparent as possible. We also offer car transport quotes for your convenience.

To move your vehicles from Sydney to Darwin, you must connect with us today!

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Express Vehicle Transport Options

Frequently Asked Question?

With Express Car Transport, you can rely upon our experience, expertise and specialised skills. We are dedicated to providing a range of options that suit your vehicle transport needs and your budget. Our motto is to provide the best quality service at competitive prices to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to speak to anyone else regarding your vehicle transport needs once you interact with our friendly and polite team.
The cost of moving your vehicles depends on several factors like the route, distance from one depot to the other or the distance from your one address to the other. To understand which service will be better and cost-efficient for you, we recommend speaking to our experts. Our team will understand your requirements and provide the most appropriate solution for the same.
Both the options have their advantages and disadvantages benefit. When you decide to drive your car interstate, you get to enjoy a lovely long drive with your family. However, driving your car long-distance adds to its kilometres and lowers its resale value. Also, you incur plenty of fuel costs, and in case of a breakdown, you may have to spend dollars to get it fixed instantly. On the other hand, when you choose a vehicle transport company to move your car, you have to stay away from your vehicle for a few days. However, you can be sure that your vehicle will reach its destination safely, and you wouldn’t have to stress about driving it carefully from one state to the other.
The answer to this depends on various factors like the distance, route chosen, type of carrier used for delivery, etc. To know the estimated time of transporting your vehicle interstate, you must discuss your requirements with our team. Then, our experts will calculate the time depending on the various factors and provide an estimated delivery time.
No. We do not guarantee a delivery time. Instead, we just provide an estimated delivery time. However, we put in our 100% to ensure your vehicles reach you as per the estimated time provided. Delays in the schedule rarely happen due to unforeseen circumstances like heavy traffic on the route.
We recommend booking our services two to three days before the pickup date to allow us to make the required arrangements. Booking last minute can cause too much hassle for us. So if you want us to transport your vehicle interstate with the suitable arrangements, we suggest you give us enough time to prepare.
Yes. We request you to send someone you trust to collect your vehicle. The representative will be asked to check the car's condition and sign the documents before the delivery is made. Therefore, we suggest you send someone who can inspect your vehicle well and drive it to you safely.