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Interstate Car Transport Tasmania To Melbourne

Express Car Transport is a specialist interstate vehicle transportation company that service throughout Australia. Our extensive network and sound contacts are the reasons behind our competent service to all businesses and individuals. We are experienced enough to provide you with safe and hassle-free vehicle relocation taking out the high cost and stress involved in the process.

Whether you want car transport Tasmania to Melbourne or any other path, you can trust us because we have credentials and expertise in all aspects of the service. We can easily handle any challenge and create a prompt solution to deliver your car to your desired location quickly and safely.

Express Car Transport provides car transportation services with pricing that is customised to your preferences. The cost of transporting your car depends on factors such as the service type, carrier type, and any urgent service needs you may have. Our rates start at $0.40/km for car transportation from Tasmania To Melbourne. Fill out our quotation form for an accurate cost estimate.

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What Can I Move with Express Car Transport?

Vehicle Move was created to help you find reliable vehicle transport services for all you needs. Whether you need one car transported or six, a motorcycle, caravan or even a boat, we can help you find the right people for the job.

Car Transport

Caravan & Trailers Transport

Motorhomes & Vans Transport

Boats & Jet Skis Transport

Common Vehicles We Transport

We provide an excellent range of vehicle transportation services to suit the needs of all individuals and businesses. Moreover, if you need any particular transportation service that is not generally pre-determined by most vehicle transporters, you can call us anytime. We will know the details and create a customised service to meet your purpose. Some of our common and most demanded services include:

Car Transport

We transport all kinds of cars to different locations across Australia. So, whether you want to relocate your family car, prestige car, sports car, vintage, muscle cars, classic cars, or luxury car, you can count on us for the type of long-distance or interstate delivery service you want. We care about your concern for car safety. Therefore, we use specially designed car carriers to carry them safely to your destination.

Jet Ski and Boat Transport

Moving jet skis or boats from one state to another requires professional carriers. In addition, unexpected weather conditions or mechanical breakdown may cause damage risk or complications. Hence, we use spacious carriers to accommodate them easily and protect them from all damage risks and challenges during the transportation process. You can contact us to move any motorboats, classic timber boats, sailboats, trailer boats, yachts, and prestige boats.

Motorhomes, Vans, and Truck Transport

We offer transportation service to all kinds of vans, motorhomes, and trucks, to and from anywhere across the nation. You can trust us even for your emergency vehicle move. We have in-house carriers and equipment to carry heavy-weight, large vehicles safely and conveniently.

If you have unregistered or immobile trucks and vans, you can connect with us for their interstate relocation in a legal way. We also offer customised service to suit your particular needs, even at critical times.

Caravan and Trailer Transport

We are experts in transporting caravan and trailers interstate. Our specialists know which carrier will suit your vehicle best and use it to carry trailers in a safe and secure manner. Then, we will deliver it to your doorstep or depot, depending upon your preference. With us, you will get safe, fast, and smooth delivery within your budget.

Car Transport Quote Tasmania To Melbourne

Contact our consultant now if you plan to transport your vehicle from Tasmania to Melbourne professionally and want to know about the service cost. You can also let us know about your car move requirement by filling a quote form available online.

Our expert will call you back to know the detail and provide you with an obligation-free price estimation for the service you want. The whole process will hardly take five minutes. After getting the idea of our service charge, you can decide your car move accordingly.

We can ensure you that you will find our service affordable and budget-friendly. Moreover, we don’t compromise on quality. Additionally, we want you to know how we are using your money so that you will clear idea of our actual charges. Hence, we will educate you on our entire process and how your money is invested in each stage of the transit process.

Our quotes are upfront, and you will not have to worry about any hidden charges or surprise fees that may hit your pocket later.

What Our Car Carriers Can Do For You?

At Express Car Transport, we believe in the essence of car carriers for vehicle transportation interstate. Unlike many others, we don’t keep only one type of car carrier to transport different kinds of vehicles from one location to another.

All vehicles are different, and their shape, size, and dimension differ based on models and brands. Thus, one common carrier cannot suit all. It cannot accommodate all vehicles properly, causing wear and tear.

We have a fleet of well-maintained car carriers to accommodate vehicles of different sizes and dimensions easily. The care and safety of your vehicle is our foremost priority. Hence, we use different types of open carriers, enclosed trailers, enclosed multilevel carriers, and single car hauliers to carry your car safely.

We focus on protecting it against any damage risk during the transit journey. Additionally, our logistic expert continuously tracks the traffic and check report to find out the shortest route for the fast delivery of your car. It will save your time and reduce the fuel cost making our service more cost-efficient for you.

Why Export Car Transport?

At Export Car Transport, we work hard to keep our customers happy. With years-on-years growth, we expand our service network through exceptional service and investing in the best equipment available. Each team member is expertly trained and aim to satisfy customers through their expertise.

We specialise in door to door or depot to depot transportation of cars, vans, motorhomes, 4WD, trucks, trailers, caravans, and boats. So, we are your ideal choice when relocating to a new city or going on an extended holiday tour.

With a vast network of reliable carriers, our consistent growth is evidence of the value we deliver to our new and repeat customers. We pride our work immensely and can ensure your vehicle move with utmost care and safety.

You must trust us to get the following solutions for your vehicle:

  • Cost-effective transport
  • Australia-wide service
  • Door to door and depot to depot delivery
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Modern tracking system
  • Emergency vehicles move.

Tasmania To Melbourne Transport – Get Free Quotes

Call us on 1300 388 353 or use our online form to reach us. We have a solution for all your vehicle relocation issues.

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Express Vehicle Transport Options

Frequently Asked Question?

At Express Car Transport, we are flexible and accommodating to our customer’s vehicle transportation needs. Yet, it would be better if you can inform us about your requirement at least three days before because a good vehicle relocation service requires lots of arrangement and planning. We manage each job in an organised way to provide you with smooth, hassle-free, and fast delivery. If we get advance notice, it gives time to examine vehicle type, route, distance, fuel required, waypoints, depots, and many other aspects. It helps our expert to determine the shortest route for the fastest delivery in reduced fuel cost. We believe in providing service in an organised way to offer 100% satisfaction to our customers. Hence, you must inform us not in less than three days and not more than 30 days.
Not necessarily! We transport all kinds of movable, immovable, registered, unregistered cars. If your vehicle doesn’t have a number plate or any documentation, then also you can connect to us for transportation service. We have arrangements and solutions for all issues. At the time of booking, you will have to give us detail about the condition of your vehicle; we will manage the rest.
Yes, the size of your vehicle affects the transportation cost. If you want us to move larger cars, trailers, trucks, or other heavy-built vehicles, you will have to pay more. Generally, we charge less for standard mid-size or compact cars. We use different carriers to carry your vehicle during the transit process. A single heavy-built, large-sized vehicle requires one big carrier, whereas we can accommodate two small-sized cars in a single career. Hence, the cost will go high in case of a large-sized vehicle.
Yes, it will be good if you or someone you trust can present at the spot when we pick up or deliver your vehicle. Our driver will inspect at the time of car pickup. You will have to sign the inspection report and hand over the keys to our driver. We carry out the same procedure at the time of delivery also. So, we recommend that someone from your side check that the inspection is carried out up to your expectations. However, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to present at the spot, we will have to inform us. Our reliable professional will manage everything accordingly.